Joyo JF-34 US Dream


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Joyo JF-34 US Dream

Joyo US Dream’s purple exterior reminds us of the Suhr Riot distortion pedal. Both are high gain distortion pedals with delicious sounds. Wide variance in sculpting distorted guitar tones with Dist and Tone controls. Dial up slick harmonically rich tones with the Dist control turned up. What’s most impressive is way in which the US Dream pedal responds to your playing; no matter how gained-up your tone is, you can always roll back your guitar’s volume knob or reduce your pick attack to clean it up.

Perfect for Alternative Rock, Classic Rock where you need some bite to your attack. You simply have to listen to this pedal make your amp sing.

  • Rich High Gain Distortion
  • Volume, Tone, Dist Controls for overdrive shape
  • True Bypass
  • Sturdy Alluminum Casing
  • Uses 9V Battery or Adapter

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