Nux Mighty 8BT Guitar Amplifier


Nux Mighty 8BT Guitar Amplifier

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Nux Mighty 8BT Guitar Amplifier

The Nux Mighty 8BT is a compact guitar amplifier with features that enable it to be more than just a bedroom combo. Powered from the included 12V mains adaptor or optionally from 8 x AA batteries for portable use. The guitar input has clean, overdrive and distortion modes with modulation / delay effects and digital reverb. Settings can be customised for tone and effects and these are stored for each of the 3 modes. Deeper effects editing is provided by the Bluetooth link using the Might app, which is available from Google Play or App Store. A mic input is also included with a dedicated reverb send for vocals. A built-in drum machine is controlled by a simple but intuitive tap tempo / style button and rotary volume control. Aux in and headphone out complete the control panel to provide a multi-purpose jamming and recording amp for guitar players of all genres.


Powered by 12Vdc adaptor or 8 x AA batteries (optional)

Clean, overdrive and distortion modes for guitar

Dedicated microphone input

Digital modulation, delay and reverb effects

Free downloadable smart phone app