Nux Mini Core Series Rivulet Chorus Effect Pedal


Nux Mini Core Series Rivulet Chorus Effect Pedal

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NUX Mini Core Series Rivulet Chorus Effect Pedal

Chorus effect pedal with a remarkable algorithm for highly accurate recreate of analog BBD circuit and the associated pulsating driver circuitry.
Ultra-low noise, high-performance 96kHz/ 24bit A/D, and D/A converters; 100dB typical dynamic range. Zero-latency analog routing for super audio performance; 30bit floating-point processing with high-performance DSP core. Supports buffered or true bypass selection to get the best performance requirement. The chorus sound of the RIVULET is just like the river sound, crystal and clear; and you could change the sound core through the micro-USB port.

Control Knobs:

RATE– adjusts the sweep rate;
WIDTH– adjusts the sweep range;
INTENSITY– controls the overall amount of effect.


Material: metal
Input: 1/4″ mono jack
Output: 1/4″ mono jack
Power Supply: DC 9V center negative power adapter (not included)
Item Size: 9.5 * 4.2 * 3.5cm
Item Weight: 177g