About BK Percussion


Importers and distributors of musical instruments for Southern Africa and Environs


In 1984, as a percussion teacher at the Beau Soleil Music Centre, Mr. Koster began importing educational books to aid in his teaching. In 1988, when touring Taiwan and Hong-Kong with the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Koster saw an opportunity to import sought after Wuhan Gongs and cymbals for the growing needs of percussionists and orchestras in South Africa.

It wasn’t until early 1993 that Mr. Koster immersed himself fully in the South African Musical Instrument Distribution arena, growing steadily through the years to become what it is today: One of South Africa’s most trusted importers & distributors of an elite range of musical instruments and accessories.


  • Alice (Strings & Accessories)
  • Aquarian (Drumheads )
  • BK (Drums | Percussion | Hardware | Stands & Drumheads)
  • Cherub (Effects & Tuners)
  • Dadi (Strings & Percussion)
  • Fleet (Percussion)
  • Gibraltar (Drum Hardware & Accessories)
  • InPercussion (Percussion)
  • Istanbul (Cymbals)
  • Kirlin (Cables & Connectors)
  • Ludwig & Musser USA  (Drums And Orchestral)
  • NUX (Drums  | Amplifiers & Effects)
  • Sonata (Guitars | Orchestral Strings | Brass & Woodwind Instruments) 
  • Toca (Percussion)
  • Wuhan (Cymbals & Gongs)