Ubuntu Jam

Are you in or around the greater Cape Town area? Are you looking to get involved in a Drum Circle? Then look no further than Ubuntu Jam. Contact Paul Avenant on: 073 798 9695 for all your corporate team building, School sessions and much more. 

What is Ubuntu Jam?

Ubuntu Jam hosts djembe drumming circles in and around Cape Town, South Africa. “Ubuntu” means “humanity” and can sometimes be translated as “I am because we are”. The heart of Ubuntu Jam is to see people from all walks of life coming together through the power of music. By hosting drumming circles and Djembe workshops, we aim to inspire and bring joy to all South Africans, our fellow Ubuntu Jammers. Let’s get jamming!

Get in Touch:

For more INFO or to make a BOOKING, contact:
Paul Avenant – 073 798 9695